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What's the bonus?
If you read carefully info page, and part about slider settings especially, you see one small setting, "[ ] Fullscreen":
This is the bonus. Let's see in details.

Perhaps, fullscreen mode - main purpose of this program, because there are so many just photo frames. We plan fullscreen mode as wallpaper which

Enough words, let's see screenshots! Open your internet browser to whole screen to better view ;)
Look, how HiNook helps us make HiNook. It's developer's workplace, click to see in full view:

Also, you can use photo of your house or your family and friends. And it will seems to you, that you are at home with them.
Ok, you can restore your browser back :)
What do you think about it? Did you get an illusion, that you're not just working?... You are present there! All of us like to look at the window(in wall, not in computer) during our work to get some rest and get rid of boredom... and now: all these different "windows" with you!

Before you run away happily, let us tell you some technical details about differences in Fullscreen mode and Photo Frame mode:
*All wallpaper images have been gotten from